Power of Perspective

Perspective.  It’s everything, isn’t it?  Have you ever wondered why something can be such a big deal to one person, and really nothing to someone else?

I had an experience as a young mom that really helped me to see that people are always more important than things.  

Our family had been working in the yard together, and my husband promised our three little kiddos a Slurpee when we finished, if they worked hard.  So, when we were done, as promised, he loaded them up in our junky old mini-van and headed off to 7-11. 

He pulled into the parking lot, and in his excitement, one of our boys threw the door open and banged it into the side of a brand new, VERY beautiful BMW. My husband was so embarrassed and upset, and started to get after our son for being so careless.  

The very kind, calm and wise driver of the BMW, stopped him and said with a smile,- “Hey, don’t worry about it! It’s just a...

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