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90 Days.  That’s all it takes to get unstuck and shift into your new phase of life

  • End the Empty Nest Syndrome
  • Gain control of your emotions.
  • Feel more confident and peaceful.
  • Create deeper connection in your relationships.
  • Show up as the mother, daughter, wife, and friend that you want to be.
  • Get rid of bad habits, and create new, healthy ones.
  • Stop carrying the negative emotions of those around you.
  • Learn the tools to mend and heal whatever needs mending and healing.
  • Discover what comes next for you and create a future that lights you up!
  • Become the example that you can be proud of.


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Empty Nest Academy

It's no easy thing to lose our job as as full time Mom. I loved nothing more that caring for and supporting my kids!

Many midlife women feel isolated, lonely, and unfulfilled when the kids leave the nest.

Finding new direction and purpose can be a challenge.

I created Empty Nest Academy to bring women together so you don't have to go it alone!

Come immerse yourself in weekly coaching, learning, and community.

Give yourself the gift of time and space to figure things out.

Learn to laugh and let go, so you can get on with loving life.

If you've been searching for a sisterhood that feels like home, join us!

We'd love for YOU to become a valued member of our incredible group and help YOU embrace the joy of this new chapter.

Join for just $9, cancel or come back anytime!

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Free Guide For YOU

Get lots of new ideas for creating more connection in your marriage. Use it to create daily, weekly or monthly goals that will bring you closer together and increase your love!

Free Class, "How to Get My Spouse to Listen to Me"

Learn the 3 biggest mistakes you might unintentionally be making, and my exact process for creating a NEW dynamic, and changing the harmful patterns that are keeping you from creating deeper, loving connection.


Learn the anatomy of a relationship, and how our brains interfere with our happiness.

Plus, the surprising SECRET to ending the drama, and creating more connection.

And FIVE Easy and actionable steps you can take right now, to reset,  revive, and restore ANY relationship in your life.

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Are YOU Ready to Transform YOUR Mid-life? Join Relationship and Communication Coach, Jane Copier, for a life changing event!

Overcoming Disappointment

Free Five Day Challenge!

💌 Ready to get un-stuck? Join me for five, fun filled days, to help you get over your empty nest syndrome,  and move forward with anticipation and hope!

💌 Feel lighter and brighter as you reignite your spark and rediscover yourself again. PLUS, meet other fantastic women, just like you, who are on the same journey!


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In just one short hour, you'll have a clear understanding of exactly where you are at and why..., and also a roadmap for moving forward and getting the results you want in your life. Whether or not you work with Jane, this will be an invaluable hour for you.


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