What if? The questions that drive us crazy!

“What if….?”  Does this question swim in your brain and cause you stress?

You’re not alone and boy has this weekend given me a run for my money! I am in the soup and working hard at some self coaching! 

First, you should know I have major issues with motorcycles.

When I was 18, I was working for the summer as a nanny in Massachusetts, when I got the call that my uncle had been in ANOTHER motorcycle accident.  It was very serious and he had lost his leg… and eventually his life. I had watched my mom and her family deal with his struggles over the years due to his major health and mental problems, all caused by previous accidents.  I never wanted to have anyone I loved on a motorcycle.

So… I’m married to a man.  A man who loves manly things… A man who for thirty years has wanted a motorcycle, and not purchased one because he knows how I feel.  He has watched as several friends in our...

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