Have His Back

Uncategorized Jun 06, 2024

Have you ever found yourself out with friends and the topic inevitably turns to our guys?  Of course you have, it’s totally natural to share pieces of our lives with one another.  

It starts off fairly innocently… someone shares a little story or voices a small complaint,- and then we commiserate with a story of our own.  Then that reminds someone else of another issue they have, her pain resonates with yours, and suddenly it has escalated into a full blown husband bashing session.

It wasn’t our intention. All we really wanted was to talk.  It feels so nice to be able to unload your gripes, to feel heard and understood.  

Well, at least it feels good in the moment, -perhaps you even feel justified.  But when that moment has passed, what are you left with?  

Likely a little guilt or shame about having betrayed the one person you are supposed to love and care the most about.

May I make a suggestion?

Vow today to never speak poorly about your spouse again.


The one YOU chose!

Be his biggest defender and greatest fan.

Sadly, I have not always done this. I have beat my partner up with my thoughts and my words and created pain that did not need to exist in my marriage.

The truth is, those harmful thoughts and words say more about us than him.

Commit today to knock if off.

Next time you are out with your girlfriends and find yourself in this situation, challenge yourself to look for and point out the positive,  not only in your spouse, but also her’s. And if that doesn’t work, perhaps you can lovingly change the subject or excuse yourself from the conversation.

Look for the good and choose to see only those things you love about him. You will build a huge folder of evidence that he truly is the perfect one for you.

There is a place to voice your complaints, but your friends or family members are not well equipped to help you.  They do not have the tools to help you feel better long term..

A good coach will hold the space to allow you to vent, and then help show you your mind so that you can create a better result. If you need to talk, I’m here for you.  Book your free mini session, -you’ll be glad you did!


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