Get Your Head in the Game

Uncategorized Jun 08, 2024

Any fellow football fans out there???

We LOVE football at our house.  The Superbowl feels a little like second Christmas to us as we gather with amazing friends, watch the game we love, and eat WAY too much yummy food!

Both my husband and our son played college football, and I played college volleyball, so we know a little something about sports, and the mentality it takes to perform at a high level.

When it’s game time, you play to win.  You trust in your abilities and focus on the result you want to achieve, which is that winning score.

Can you imagine if Tom Brady, (my favorite QB of all time) started to worry between each play, “What if I get tackled, what if I get hurt?”  

What a disaster that would be right???

No.  When the players step on the field, they know each and every play is going to involve some pain.  Their lungs and muscles and going to burn with exertion. The hits are going to be hardThere is a real chance that they might get hurt… but they are ALL IN.  

They choose to play full out, because the joy of a great victory is worth the price of the pain.

They focus on the result they want to achieve, and where the focus goes, energy flows.

You’ve all seen that poor kicker… the one who looks terrified before he kicks?  You KNOW he’s going to miss it, because you can see the fear in his eyes. He has forgotten to think about what it will feel like when he makes it… and is focused on fearing the miss.

We do this in our relationships ALL OF THE TIME.

We start to notice and think about all of the things that bother us or that we are worried about.  As we focus there, we spend way too much time and energy finding, noticing and expanding the negative aspects between us.

President Thomas S Monson said, “Choose your love, love your choice.”


This is how we must direct our brains when we think about the ones we love.  We know that they are human beings and therefore not perfect. We know things might get a little tough… but if we want the end result to be love, we must focus on all of the things that we love and pay no attention to the things that bug us.  

The more we look for what we love, the more we will find.

I’m not saying this is easy.  I know it takes some work and that’s why I’m so passionate about what I do. 

If you need help re-directing your brain I’m here for you.  Just like any great athlete, it takes time and training and a willingness to experience some pain.  But the rewards are better than any Super Bowl win.


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